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Website Updates / Anything
$30 per hour
$0.00AUD + $35.00AUD Setup Fee One Time

Free Domain Transfer
Follow prompts at domain transfer page.

Free Hosting Transfer
Conditions apply.

ID Protect
Whois Privacy Protection Service.
$10.00AUD Annually

Wordpress Secure
If you host wordpress on our servers and do not know how to secure it you should email us or order this item.

BYO SSL Certificate Installations
Including IP address subscription
$40.00AUD Annually + $90.00AUD Setup Fee

Google analytics
Detailed statistics about website traffic and traffic sources.
$10.00AUD One Time

Ad words $125 credit
Includes account creation. Spend $25 in the first 2 months to receive additional $100 free.
$45.00AUD One Time

Ad-words $125 credit +
$125 credit + 2 highly targeted custom made ads.
$55.00AUD One Time

Google adwords $100 coupon
$2.00AUD One Time

Customizable Store with Responcive Design
see details on my store
$32.00AUD Annually + $140.00AUD Setup Fee
$64.00AUD Biennially + $140.00AUD Setup Fee

Custom Templates
Get a website for your own domain. Free Templates. Premium Templates.
$0.00AUD Monthly
$32.00AUD Annually
$64.00AUD Biennially

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