Would it be worth while to buy more domain names?

Q: We are thinking about buying a few domain names and having them redirect to mydomain.com.au for example keyword.com.au
Do you think this would be worth while? What hosting costs are involved? Thanks.

Re: What hosting costs are involved?
None. Also no setup fee if you add-on the domain yourself.

Re: Would this be worth while
1. http://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/3777/will-having-multiple-domains-improve-my-seo
This won’t do what you hope it will do. The redirect will effectively tell Google that URL no longer exists and has moved to your new URL. Plus since the new domain also won’t have any links pointing to it it won’t transfer any link love over either. The only positive it will have is you can use it as a shorter and more recognizable domain name which is good for users.

And just having the keywords in the domain does not automatically rank you #1 (or even well at all) just because it matches the search term. The domain name is just one of many factors affecting how a page is ranked. It’s very, very common to see pages with the exact domain of a search term not rank #1 simply because other pages have much better content…

2. If you are thinking of buying ****.com.au to improve google ranking for 12v ****  you could use it in advertising for 12v ****, or just advertise your 12v **** category page; otherwise john says ‘Better content = better rankings’. If you look at ‘domain drop off lists’ like ‘auda drop list’ occasionally you can pickup old business domain names that have heaps of pre existing page rank.

3. https://www.shivarweb.com/2425/how-many-domain-names-should-i-buy-10-rules-to-use-when-starting-out/
Don’t buy it if it’s not for a unique site.

4. If you own ****.com.au you can try to buy ****.com for the business however either way google will not penalise you if you only own .com.au. If your product is **** you should by ****.com.au, at least potential competitors have less chance of using it and gives you the chance to use it.

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