Table of Contents:

  • 1. Your Web Hosting Manager & FTP
  • 2. Creating an Email Account
  • 3. Setting up your Email
  • 3.2 Setting spam filter on cPanel
  • 4. Uploading your website
  • 5. Add-on Domains
  • 6. Backing up your account
  • 7. More help

(1) Your Web Hosting Manager & FTP

Use this username and password to use your Web Hosting Manager to create new
email accounts and view website stats.

FTP login information

  • Your FTP Username: yourusername
  • Your FTP Password: yourpassword
  • Your FTP Address:

NOTICE: Upload all files to the public_html directory

(2) Creating an Email Account

To create a new email account, simply follow these easy steps:
  • log in to your Web Hosting Manager control panel with your Web Hosting username and password
  • click Email Accounts in the Mail area
  • type the first part of the e-mail address in E-mail
  • type the password for the new email account in Password
  • review Quota 96 the mailbox size limit has been
    preset to 2000MB; enter to reduce or increase the size limit
  • click Create

Your new account has been now been created.
Create as many email accounts as you want, up to the maximum limit set for your plan.

Video Tutorials:
Creating an email account
Using webmail
Creating an email forwarder
Creating an auto-responder

(3) Setting up your Email

Adding email accounts in Outlook Express
Adding email accounts in Outlook 2007
Adding email accounts in Outlook 2003
Adding email accounts in Outlook 2000
Adding email accounts in Windows Mail
Adding email accounts in Thunderbird
Adding email accounts in Eudora
Adding email accounts in Opera
Adding email accounts in IncrediMail
Adding email accounts in Pegasus Mail

Using webmail

(4) Uploading your website

Content management system instructions will come latter if I am building a website with you.

Direct file changes:
Using file manager

FTP Programs:
CoffeeCup FTP

(5) Add-on Domains

Use our easy step-by-step Help to guide you through how to add-on a domain
to this hosting account:

Changing name servers on your current domain:

Your 1st Nameserver:
Your 2nd Nameserver:
Your 1st Nameserver:
Your 2nd Nameserver:

Adding an addon domain:

(6) Backing up your account

Video Tutorial:

(7) More Help

Use our easy step-by-step Help to guide you through the most common tasks
for your plan.
For more information, please visit
or contact me.